How to tie the Henry’s Fork Salmonfly

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady ties the Henry’s Fork Salmonfly!

The Henry’s Fork Salmonfly gets its namesake from the famed Henry’s Fork River in Idaho. This tributary of the Snake River is a well-known dry fly mecca. With its spring to early summer Salmonfly hatch, there is no wonder this fly was created. This simple and lifelike pattern is killer not only on the Henry’s Fork River but anywhere you may have a prominent Salmonfly Hatch. For me, this pattern works wonders on the Colorado River from Mid-May through June. It has a great profile and is buoyant enough for small to mid-sized dropper flies. Targeting the banks as these bugs make their journey out of the river into their molting grounds will bring the best success.

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