How to tie the Tinsel Trout Stacker

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Kaie ties the Tinsel Trout Stacker!

The Tinsel Trout Stacker has become one of my favorite attracter patterns. Simply put, this fly works. The CDC and partridge collar along with a flashy body material and a tungsten bead is a seemingly irresistible combination. The green holographic tinsel used in this video has been the most productive variation through the spring and early summer, but it is available commercially through Fulling Mill in colors like blue, red, and orange. The double soft hackle (CDC and partridge) is what really makes this fly work in my opinion, but it can also be tied and fished effectively with only one or the other. Get creative with your body material, bead colors, and sizes, and make sure to use a sticky heavy nymph hook like the new Umpqua XC290. I typically like to fish the Trout Stacker under an indicator on big water but have fished it with great success on the euro rig and on some of the more technical tailwaters around the state of Colorado.

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2 thoughts on “How to tie the Tinsel Trout Stacker

  1. Thanks for he video. Love Avid Max videos! Just curious about the diameter of the ribbing. Would a 1mm normally be recommended for that size of nymph?

    1. Thanks for watching! 1mm can certainly be used. Sometimes we will oversize or undersize based on how bulky or subtle we want our segmentation to look.

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