How to tie the CDC BWO Emerger

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Kaie ties the CDC BWO Emerger!

The Tinsel Trout Stacker has become one of my favorite attracter patterns. Simply put, this fly works. The CDC and partridge collar along with a flashy body material This pattern can be the key to fooling selective trout during a BWO hatch. A common mistake when fishing during a hatch is simply throwing a dry fly. While you may see a lot of surface disturbance from fish eating, they may be focused on the emerging insects rather than the adults. This fly is designed for those fish that are intercepting the emergers just under the surface or right in the surface film. Tie it on 16-24 inches behind a nice and visible dry fly and watch for the strike. While the CDC BWO Emerger is not a new pattern, this version takes advantage of modern advances in materials. Namely, the Semperfli Kapok dry fly dubbing. Kapok is a moisture-resistant, quick-drying, and buoyant fiber and weighs one-eighth as much as cotton. Kapok has been used in life jackets and lifeboats and supports as much as 30 times its own weight in water. With the combined properties of CDC and Kapok, this emerger is as simple and deadly as it gets.

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