Father’s Day Gift Guide

For a lot of us, our dads are the ones who got us into fishing. And I don’t know about your Dad, but mine is hard to shop for. He pretty much buys himself anything he may want or need these days. Not to mention anytime I ask what would be a good gift for him, he tells me he could use some socks! *eye-roll* He’s showered me with fun fishing stuff throughout the years, I gotta get him back! So while I was thinking of ideas for him I put a little list together.

Umpqua Bug Flote

It’s dry fly season and coming from a girl who can be picky, this is one of the best floatants on the market. It’s a gel that comes in an easy to control squeeze bottle, and it works on not only flies but also line and indicators! Say goodbye to reapplying every tenth cast because this stuff lasts!

Cliff Beast Fly Box

Think streamers, saltwater flies, bass flies etc… The slit foam is great for keeping flies locked in without wearing down the integrity of the foam. I think this would be a unique gift to receive, and something that can definitely be put to great use!


These nippers are hands down one of my favorite fishing products! LidRig changed the game with a diamond-coated magnetic hat clip that attaches to magnetic nippers. You can wear it on your hat, your pack, or anywhere! You can even stick the nippers on the side of your car while you rig up. There’s even a groove to sharpen your hook or smooth down barbs.

New Biodegradable AirLock Strike Indicators

Something I think every dad can use is more indicators, and since they’re a common thing to lose on the river, AirLock made them biodegradable. These new Airlocks took the kink-free design you love from the old plastic model, and added some serious upgrades! They are much lighter than the old model, making them easier to cast, more sensitive to subtle strikes, and even more buoyant and durable than ever before!

Ross Reels Animas Reel

Made in Montrose, Colorado by fishermen themselves, The Animas is a beautifully crafted reel to add to the collection. It comes in two colors, silver and black, and has a machined silhouette of Colorado mountains on the side of the frame. One of my favorite features is the strong, yet lightweight spool that pops off with a good push! The canvas handle, which helps you keep a good grip, is another key feature I love about this reel. And I can’t forget to mention the easy to manipulate drag which I have adjusted many times mid-fight to cater to my needs! Overall, you can not go wrong with this one!

Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX

Fly line designed to shoot far and last long. What more can you ask for? Scientific Anglers used a technology they developed called AST PLUS to improve slickness and durability at the same time. Not saying Dad needs to improve his cast or anything, but this line has tremendously improved mine!

Orvis Recon

Orvis put what they learned from making Helios 3 and made something a little more affordable. Designed for presentation and control, the construction the Orvis Recon sits somewhere right in between the Helios 3F series and the Helios 3D, series making it a great all-around high-performance rod. It is also the lightest-weight rod in its class!

AvidMax Gift Card

So if you’re at the end of this guide and you still haven’t found the perfect gift, why not let Dad pick his own from AvidMax’s nearly endless inventory of fishing, tying, and outdoor gear?

I hope many of you can fish with your Dads this Sunday! Mine lives over 1,000 miles away so I won’t be able to make that happen but we’ll see each other and fish soon! Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there, and thanks for teaching us so much of what you have learned over the years! Tight lines!

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Shannah Fedus @shannahlynn3

Shannah is an entrepreneur focused on making other’s lives easier through home organization. When she’s not working on her small business with her mom, you can usually find her adventuring in the mountains of Colorado. Growing up in Michigan, Shannah learned how to fish conventionally and from a boat. As the years went on, she and her dad began taking fishing trips in an attempt to teach Shannah more about fly fishing. It’s safe to say her Dad’s plan worked and she has become more and more addicted ever since! 

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