John Barr’s Damsel Nymph

How to tie the Damsel Nymph

Summer time and Damsel flies. What a time to be out on a belly boat or casting from shore into a vast body of stillwater. This Damsel fly nymph created by the ultra-inventive fly tyer John Barr is a winner for sure. Tied on a 2x long shank hook, the profile works great as a Damsel Nymph imitation. This fly is best fished in the summer months when you see a lot of Damsel adults flying close to the water’s edge. Matching the swimming movement of a Damsel, this fly is best fished with a strip-strip-pause retrieve. If you haven’t tried still water damsel fishing, definitely give it a shot. Big fish are always looking for this substantial meal.

Ingredients & Recipe

Tools Used

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