Fly Tying Tools Of The Trade

Fly Tying Tools Of The Trade

If you’re anything like me, walking into the local fly shop and throwing down $3.00 for a fly is just painful. I remember purchasing a big hopper in Eastern Idaho for a specific stretch of water. Given the cost, I “wisely” opted to buy only one. Three casts later, a large brown took it off the surface as soon as the bug hit. After what seemed like a few seconds he broke me off, and my hopper was never seen again, at least, not by me. It is experiences like this that have led me to tie my own flies, as well as times I’ve fished waters with zero luck, only to notice the hatches and make mental notes. After some time at the vise and a little creativity, I’ve come back with my own fly and left with success. But, if your Grandpa didn’t teach you to tie and you’re new to the sport, where should you start? Below are a few of the essential tools of the fly tying trade. All recommendations are items that I personally own and tie flies with.

Learn to tie flies that you can fish on
Warm water species are fun to chase on flies you’ve designed. A bluegill hits a top water hopper of my own creation.

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The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled

To state the obvious: there are many ways to get to Yellowstone National Park. It is a huge tract of land (over 3,472 square miles) lying at an odd-shaped joining of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Most guide books recommend that if you have time, and trust me, you will want to set aside a bit of time, then plan to spend a few days in the different parts of the park with accommodation nearby. This will cut down on travel time and allow you to immerse yourself in the experience a whole lot more.

After much research, our plans took us from LAX through Denver and on to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This has to be one of the most breathtaking airports in the world, with a backdrop of the Grand Tetons and the Snake River only a short hike away. Touching down we knew our adventure had begun.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One of the most spectacular airports in the States.

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Korkers STLHD Limited Edition Wading Boots

Korkers STLHD Limited Edition Wading Boots

We are excited to release the Limited Edition STLHD Korkers Wading Boot. Korkers has partnered with fellow NW brand STLHD on a collaboration that combines one of Korkers best selling styles, the Devil’s Canyon, with the popular STLHD logo. Not only does this boot feature unique stitch colors and color treatments, it also comes with AlumaTrax and OmniTrax v3.0 Black Felt Soles. Continue reading “Korkers STLHD Limited Edition Wading Boots”

Lighten Up: How Downsizing Your Fly Fishing Gear Can Extend Your Opportunities

Lighten Up: How Downsizing Your Fly Fishing Gear Can Extend Your Opportunities

I stand knee-deep in moderate current, eyeing the grassy bank across and slightly downstream from me. I’ve walked to the end of my street to access a shallow, rocky reach of the river that runs through my backyard.

I strip some line and make a false cast; strip some more and make another. I surprise myself when the size 12 foam spider I tied 30 minutes before lands softly in an eddy. I am delighted when it disappears in a boil of water.

I slow the line with my rod hand and begin retrieving with my stripping hand. My rod bends nearly double as the fish at the end of my line makes a run for a submerged tree branch.

I’m grinning like a kid on Christmas morning by now. I’ll admit, I may even have let out a little “whoop!”

I bring the fish to hand and crouch to admire the brightly-colored 8 inches of fury that I have captured.

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The Tools for Fly Tying

Brady's fly tying bench
Brady’s fly tying bench.

Flies are expensive, easy to loose, and very brittle. Anyone who has spent any time fly fishing has come to this realization. We spend a lot of money on flies only to lose them on the bottom of the river or in the tree 15’ overhead. If we are lucky, they start to fall apart after having caught numerous fish. The natural next step once discovering this issue is to begin tying your own flies Continue reading “The Tools for Fly Tying”

Adventures at AvidMax: Learning to Fish Without Snoopy, Part 1

Entry the Second
(and far overdue)

Let me begin this post with an apology: I promised our readership regular content in my first blog post, and have certainly not delivered! I may have an adventurous spirit, but I act hesitantly and constantly find excuses for myself that hold me back more often than not.

I should also add, here at the beginning, that this story spans over July-October, and thus, takes longer to tell than should or would have. Such is the consequence of my inaction!

I hope you enjoy my (mis)adventures!

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How To Fish a Soft Hackle

RIO is starting an amazing new series of “how to” videos and we wanted to showcase them here on our blog too. We hope you find great value in these videos and learn a lot! Below you will find a transcript of what’s in the video. Enjoy!

Welcome to the first episode of RIO’s “how to” videos. In this one, we are going to look at how to fish a soft hackle on a river. I’ve chosen this one because it’s probably Continue reading “How To Fish a Soft Hackle”

That First Fly Rod & A Boy’s Journey To Fly Fishing

The catch! What a beauty!

Getting your first fly rod is an intensely personal moment. Mine was a one-piece fiberglass model handmade with care and patience by my grandfather.

It was a beautiful thing – a tawny blank of indeterminate weight with black wraps or maybe brown and a wooden handle. Matched to a 7 weight floating line, it seemed to do a great job of casting. I was just getting into fly fishing and was being Continue reading “That First Fly Rod & A Boy’s Journey To Fly Fishing”

Tacky Fly Boxes: How They Changed The Way I Store My Flies

Possibly one of the best benefits I have working in the fly fishing industry is the access to cool new products. Most of you fly fisher people out there have probably now become familiar with the new Tacky fly boxes over the last year or so. Winning best of show at the 2015 IFTD show (International Fly Tackle Dealer), for their fly boxes as well as numerous other awards. Tacky has quickly become a well known name, thanks to their unique products. As soon as we got these in our shop and on our website I had to pick up a couple to see what they were all about. Anxious to get them on the water and in action, I wanted to share my initial thoughts after loading them up with flies. Continue reading “Tacky Fly Boxes: How They Changed The Way I Store My Flies”