Gummy Minnow Video Fly Tying Instructions

The Gummy Minnow is a super realistic baitfish pattern that works very well for minnow eating ocean species.  The Gummy Minnow can be tied on several different color variations, such as Brown, Olive, Blue and Pearl.  The Gummy Minnow is simple, in that it is only made of 2 materials (Crystal Skin and Eyes).  But the Gummy Minnow in not necessarily easy to tie.  The Crystal Skin or “Sili Skin” can be very challenging to work with.  It is super sticky and clings to anything.  Once you get the hang of this fly and get used to working with Crystal Skin, you can begin to crank them out! Happy fly tying!

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How To Fish a Soft Hackle

RIO is starting an amazing new series of “how to” videos and we wanted to showcase them here on our blog too. We hope you find great value in these videos and learn a lot! Below you will find a transcript of what’s in the video. Enjoy!

Welcome to the first episode of RIO’s “how to” videos. In this one, we are going to look at how to fish a soft hackle on a river. I’ve chosen this one because it’s probably Continue reading “How To Fish a Soft Hackle”

EP Fleeing Crab Video Fly Tying Instructions

The EP Fleeing Crab is a “fleeing” crab imitation developed by Enrico Puglisi.  It imitates a crab in motion as it is moving away from predators. The EP Fleeing Crab is the perfect bonefish crab pattern, but it also works excellent on Redfish and Permit.  It can be tied in 3 main colors: Sand, Tan & Olive and can be tied in 2 sizes, a Size #01 and #02.   A really fun and easy realistic crab pattern!

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5 Ways to Stay Warm While Winter Hammock Camping

5 Ways to Stay Warm While Winter Hammock Camping

As warm temperatures fade like the autumn leaves, so do thoughts of your next hammock camping trip. But while saying goodbye to summer is inevitable, saying goodbye to hammock camping isn’t. Say hello to winter hammock camping.

After all, camping in colder temperatures does have its advantages. You’ll encounter fewer people, making your excursion more peaceful, and you won’t have to worry about snakes or bears. Additionally, you’ll see nature in its winter coat, which is quite beautiful, while hanging in a hammock.

So here are 5 ways to stay warm while winter hammock camping, or anytime you want to stay snug as a bug sleeping in a hammock. Continue reading “5 Ways to Stay Warm While Winter Hammock Camping”

ENO Underbelly Sling Review – $25 Winner!

Here is our latest product review winner for the week of October 25th, 2016. Congratulations to Nick Mohrbacher from Washington! He won a $25 gift certificate for his product review.

Item Purchased: ENO Underbelly Gear Sling – Charcoal

Rating: “The Underbelly Sling is great!” 5 out of 5 stars!

ENO Underbelly Gear Sling Product Review

Review: “The Underbelly Sling is great. As long as you have ample room under your hammock while sitting in it, this will keep your gear Continue reading “ENO Underbelly Sling Review – $25 Winner!”