Umpqua Swiftwater ZS Tech Vest Review

Umpqua Feather Merchants has long been known for their flies: creating impressive processes to develop great consistency over a very large selection. While they maintain their excellence in this category, over the past few years they have developed into a broader offering of fly fishing gear. Their packs and vests are a newer addition to the company’s heritage, but, in my mind, they have made some great strides with their products. Continue reading “Umpqua Swiftwater ZS Tech Vest Review”

What is Voormi?


What is Voormi? Well, that is a good question. One we asked as well about 6 months ago when Fishpond added a few Voormi products to their own product line. Here is a little bit of info from one of Fishpond’s owners, Ben Kurtz:

Ben Kurtz: “The Collaboration that we have with Voormi is a special one, Continue reading “What is Voormi?”