What is Voormi?


What is Voormi? Well, that is a good question. One we asked as well about 6 months ago when Fishpond added a few Voormi products to their own product line. Here is a little bit of info from one of Fishpond’s owners, Ben Kurtz:

Ben Kurtz: “The Collaboration that we have with Voormi is a special one, and it both started with both brands being based out of Colorado and being of a similar mindset. The technology that Voormi utilizes its fabrics, the US manufacturing element, and Rocky Mountain sourced wool all were compelling reasons to initiate the relationship.

The Product itself is phenomenal, and without a question it is my most utilized layer. The product is basically wool on steroids. The surface fabric is quite water-resistant, while the interior is wicking and does not have any of the normal associations of itchiness that traditional wool products have. Additionally, the piece is naturally odor resistant for those prolonged weekend trips. Somehow the garment also handles incredible temperature swings, and I can manage wearing it to the office, and yet be comfortable in a squall in the afternoon. It truly is a year round multi-sport piece that every active person should own.”


A variety of folks from our AvidMax team also purchased Fishpond/Voormi Co-Lab High-E Hoodies and here is what they had to say about them:

Dawn: “It is very comfortable and very warm as an outer layer in the cold and no other jacket is needed. I have not tested its water resistance. It has been washed about 10 times and is still in new condition, no fabric fading, fuzzies, etc…. It fits very snugly, you would not be able to layer up with it, but you don’t need to because of how warm it is. The only con would be that it’s too snug to wear layered up. I love it though, and would definitely recommend it to others. I will be buying more Voormi products as we get them in.” (Which we will be soon!! 🙂 ) Update (Jan 2017)!! We did get more in and they are now in stock here.

Carla hard at work wearing her Voormi

Carla: “I LOVE my Voormi! I wear it quite often. It is very warm, so I only need a thin layer underneath when I wear it. I recently wore it snowshoeing and the 1st day I wore a thicker shirt underneath and found I was really hot that day. The next day I only wore a thin tank top underneath and it was perfect! I was warm and comfortable all day and I found it even broke the wind extremely well. Lastly, I love the phone pocket & headphone hole. Previously, I would hit my phone a lot in the main pouch when I was shoveling. Now, when I use the dedicated pocket and headphone hole, I have found it works much better and doesn’t interfere with anything active that I am doing. I love my Voormi and would highly recommend it!”

Excellent water repellent feature

Brady: “Heading to the high country, out on a trail, or even around town on a cold day, the Voormi access pullover is perfect. I have worn my Voormi as a mid layer on the slopes where it has performed perfectly. It is great as a single mid layer with a shell or vest over top for most days.The warmth is unbeatable while still staying breathable, making it great for high winter activity. As far as wool products go, this one takes the cake in my mind. Wool as it stands is a great layering piece as it keeps you warm even when it’s wet, but that didn’t stop Voormi from creating a water repellent outer layer that you can pour a glass of water on and watch it bead straight off! My favorite new wardrobe item!”

And there you have it. I guess I need to get a Voormi now too! Thanks for reading! Click here to view all of our selection of Fishpond-Voormi CO-Lab & Voormi gear.

“Charge yourself, plug into the outdoors.”

Curt @ AvidMax

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