Calling All Writers

Are you someone that has a passion for fly fishing or the outdoors? We are looking for writers that can create a story that can help educate our customers about fly fishing, the outdoors, or any other gear we carry. And… we want to pay you for it! That’s right, if we publish your article, we will give you $50 in rewards to use on our website! That’s $50 per published article! 

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Entry level fly fishing articles, so they could be about your basic gear, techniques, gear set-up, fly tying & more!
  • Tenkara fly fishing articles
  • Outdoor articles highlighting gear we carry, which includes hammocking, camping, backpacking
  • Good, detailed product reviews about the products we sell
  • 500-750 words in length

These topics just tip the iceberg on possibilities. We really want to create a space where anybody, regardless of their knowledge can come and benefit from what they read.

Ready to write? Just download and agree to the guidelines, and submit your article! Thank you!


How to submit a post to AvidMax:

  • Email your submission as a word .doc to
  • Please include the following with your submission:
    • Your bio. It should be approximately 60 words and should include a good social media link so we can tag you
    • Please supply high resolution images for any supporting images & videos**


Here are some more current topics we are in need of: 

How to choose a fly rod
How to match the hatch
Dry fly fishing techniques
Fly fishing vest essential gear
Fly tying thread sizing – what 6/0 means, etc.
Rod Weights Demystified
Fly Line Weights Demystified
How to choose leader and tippet
Presentation – not scaring the fish, etc.
All about backing
What knots to use for different fly fishing connections
Fly reel arbors
Tools needed to start fly tying
Fly fishing tackle – what do I need to start with?
Tenkara – simple fly fishing
1st tips for Tenkara rookies
Casting techniques and strategies for Tenkara
Photography and fly fishing – how to do both on a day out