How to tie the UV Galaxy Mop Fly Jig

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady ties the UV Galaxy Mop Fly Jig!

Let’s talk dirty for a minute. That’s right, Mop Flies! These puffy bugs are fairly new to the fly fishing scene and have quickly made a name for themselves for going against the more purist style of imitative fly patterns. However, there is no question that mop flies are loved by trout. The UV Galaxy Mop Fly Jig is a slightly enhanced version of this pattern. The new UV Galaxy Mop Chenille from Hareline upgrades an otherwise plain bug. With an oversized tungsten bead and lead wire underneath, this pattern excels on a euro rig or under an indicator when trying to avoid using split shot. The mop fly is an excellent choice for high water as it works best as an imitation for large grubs such as a Cranefly or the largest of Caddis Larvae. When runoff hits, these bugs are pushed into the feeding lanes where trout are happy to accept them as fatty meals.

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