How to tie the RS3

The RS3

The RS2 is a classic pattern that was created by Rim Chung. RS stands for “Rim’s Semblance”. The fly pattern was designed to imitate an emerging mayfly. If you have fished in Colorado the chances are you have heard about the RS2. The RS3 is a spin on Rims pattern that I developed because I wanted something that was tied on a heavy wire hook with a slim profile to be fished on bigger CO rivers where the average mayfly is a bit bigger then on the tailwaters.

This fly has been very successful for my clients and I. Black, olive and grey are my favorites and I will tie this all the way down to a 22 though, my go to size is a 16 or an 18. Tie it with different colors of Krystal flash on the tail or with a tungsten bead or no bead. Its a win for me and it will be a win for you.

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