College Budget + Fly Fishing Trout Addiction = Redington Zero and Classic Trout

It was early spring, class just let out, and I had plans to visit my girlfriend for the weekend in Western North Carolina. I packed a few fly boxes and slid my Redington Classic Trout 9 foot 4 weight fly rod into my rod tube, hoping to get a shot at some Southeastern trout. After a long night, foggy headed, and weather conditions alike, I pull up to one of Western North Carolina’s best kept secret fly fishing spot. Working my way up stream, high sticking a frenchie, I come to a deep run accompanied by a few boulders. As my fly naturally drifts past the second boulder, my fly line begins to tighten and the click and paw drag on my Redington Zero starts to sing. As the trout races upstream, the Redington Classic Trout does a superb job controlling the fish and protecting my 6x tippet. A few acrobatic moves later I land the fish and the weekend trip to visit my girlfriend was all worth it!


Redington Zero
The go to affordable reel, light weight and perfect for your college budget.

What you get:

  • Unique die-cast constructionbutler2
  • Super-lightweight design with quick-change spool
  • Spring loaded, clicker drag system
  • Easily converts to left or right hand retrieve
  • Twin molded, soft-touch ergonomic handles
  • Large arbor design speeds retrieve and reduces line memory
  • Nylon reel case included
  • Lifetime warranty

Redington Classic Trout
Accompany your Redington Zero with the perfectly balanced, light tipped, Classic Trout Rod.


What you get:

  • Medium action
  • Titanium oxide stripping guides
  • Dark Clay Brown blank with matching Rosewood reel seat insert
  • Custom machined reel seat components
  • Alignment dots for easy rod set up
  • Divided brown ballistic Nylon rod tube
  • Lifetime warranty

Decisions on a College Budget
As we all know addictions and budgets go hand and hand. As a college student finding the money to support a fly fishing addiction can be tough, but why sacrifice quality when there is Redington. You get quality products at an affordable price. Those of you that know fly fishing, know the gear quickly adds up. AvidMax can help set you up with the perfect combo, everything you need for less than 300 dollars. They currently offer a Redington combo that includes the Redington Zero and Classic Trout Rod along with line and extras. Don’t forget about AvidMax’s reward program either, it’ll save you boat loads when your hobby turns into an addiction. I have really enjoyed my Redington Zero and Classic Trout rod and it continues to produce results and has never let me down!

My personal Redington Zero and Classic Trout fly rod

Written by Brandon Hass

butler5I have been fly fishing since I was 15. My home stream being the Saluda river tailrace in beautiful South Carolina. I have traveled the Eastern United States fishing streams and rivers. From hobby to fly fishing addiction, I thank you for your time and considering my thoughts. Follow me on my website here.

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