How To Tie The Sparkle Dun Fly Tying Instructional Video & Recipe

The Sparkle Dun

The Sparkle Dun dry fly is basically a Comparadun with a polypropelene tail to imitate a trailing shuck of an emerging mayfly. It can be tied in a variety of colors to mimic many different mayflies. From larger Green Drakes and March Browns down to the classic BWO’s and PMD’s. The Sparkle Dun is a great fly to imitate an emerging or a crippled mayfly. The deer hair tied up will help this sit right in the film as an emerging bug would. The emerger yarn resembles a shuck as this bug gets ready to spread its wings. Pair this bad boy with some Shimazaki dry shake and the fish will eat it like it’s going out of style.

The Sparkle Dun Ingredients & Recipe:

Hook- Tiemco 102Y
Thread – UTC 70 Denier Brown Olive
Wing- Wapsi Short Fine Deer Hair Dyed Dark Dun
Abdomen- Hareline Super Fine dubbing Olive
Tail- Sparkle Emerger Yarn Olive

Tools Used: 
Vise – Griffin Mongoose
Dr. Slick Razor Hair Scissors
Dr. Slick Bobbin
Whip Finish – Dr. Slick Brass Whip Finish

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How To Tie The Sparkle Dun Fly Tying Instructional Video & Recipe


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