Learn the Fundamentals of Fly Tying

A while back, we had a vision to create videos that would teach people how to tie flies using things that we ourselves learned when we started and things we continue to learn as we keep tying. So, we came up with a series of short, bite-sized training videos that teach fly tying fundamentals! We are proud to announce that these videos have now been released and are ready to watch! We hope they equip you with the knowledge you need to start tying and creating your own flies!

Here are all the videos, just in time for Fly Tying Month!

Essential Fly Tying Tools
This video gives you an overview of each fly tying tool and the importance it has in the overall goal of tying your flies.

  • Bobbin – A simple tool that holds a spool of thread under tension while feeding the tying thread out the end, enabling you to control and easily wrap the thread around your hook. An essential–the main tool you will use every time.
  • Hackle Plier – This tool holds materials, such as hair and hackle, to help secure them while you’re tying.
  • Bodkin – A very small metal needle; used to poke and tease, hold head cement, and reach places you can’t get to with your finger.
  • Hair Stacker – This tool is used to even out the tips of the hair that you’re tying with, such as deer hair, elk hair, moose hair, etc.
  • Scissors – These cut the excess material off your fly and trim dubbing, hair, and hackle; as well as cut thin wire and thread at the finish.
  • Whip Finisher – This tool helps you tie off your thread when you’re done, keeping the fly on the hook so it doesn’t unravel.

How to thread a bobbin

How to place the hook in the vise

How to attach thread to hook with a Jam Knot

How to repair broken thread

How to use dubbing

How to use a Pinch Wrap to tie material to hook

Alternate method to attach material to hook

How to Whip Finish to complete your fly

Thanks for watching! We hope these videos help you in learning to tie flies. Let us know in the comments if there are any other tips and tricks you would like to see us teach in the future.

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