3 Key Features to Understand Fly Fishing Leaders

The leader is probably one of the most important considerations when putting together a fly fishing set up. My goal here is to help you understand the differences and how they affect your fly fishing experience.

The Taper

The first thing to understand about leaders is that they are tapered. This means the end that connects to the fly line is thicker than the end the fly ties to. Nowadays, most leaders are manufactured in one seamless piece. But there are also hand tied leaders where a progressively smaller tippet size is used from the thick end to the thin. The reason leaders are tapered is to create a gentle presentation when the fly hits the water. The thicker end helps to turn over the thinner end with the fly attached to it. Then, the thinner end can Continue reading “3 Key Features to Understand Fly Fishing Leaders”

Staying Warm While Winter Fly Fishing

The temperatures are dropping, here in Colorado the snow is falling, and the Ski resorts are open. Fly fishing season is over…right? Well it doesn’t have to be. If you plan well and bring all the necessary gear you can still get out on the river.


When it’s cold outside the water is probably twice as cold. Not only that but the cold moving water makes the air around the water even colder. Keep this in mind when looking Continue reading “Staying Warm While Winter Fly Fishing”

5 Things You Need To Start Fly Fishing

Have you ever watched a video, heard a story or even just seen a picture of somebody who caught an enormous fish using a fly rod and thought to yourself, “I want to do that!”.

Typically after this thought comes; “What do I need to fly fish”? There are so many different types of fly fishing that it is easy to get blurry eyed when shopping for fly gear. Let’s talk basics. In my opinion there are five items (Categories) that you will need to think about obtaining when making the leap to fly fishing.


1. Fly Rod and Reel

The first and most important is the fly rod and reel outfit. I bundle this all into one item, but really its two components. Continue reading “5 Things You Need To Start Fly Fishing”

The Joy of Fly Fishing

The evening was coming to a close, and I was reflecting of the events of the day. The fish that I caught and released, the eagle that circled the lake in search of its meal, the beauty of the mountains with the aspens in full glory. I was at peace. Fly fishing is a way that many have found to get away from the pressures of life and to recharge the batteries of our spirits. Fly fishing requires that you become engulfed in the environment around you and to gain appreciation of the characteristics of the mystical trout.

The most appealing aspect of the art of fly fishing is the continued growth that is experienced by the individual. The methods of casting, the study of insect life, the habitat of the rivers and lakes, and understanding fly patterns, as well as, how to use them to catch the trout is but the beginning. The import thing, is not to over think this process and Continue reading “The Joy of Fly Fishing”