How to tie a CDC Rusty Warrior

How to tie a CDC Rusty Warrior

The CDC Rusty Warrior is a fantastic option for those who fish a dry dropper set up on freestone creeks. The heavy bead will help the fly quickly drop into the feeding column allowing you to effectively fish fast pocket water. We tied this pattern in size 18, with a CDC feather around the collar to help add a “buggy” look to the fly, and we have seen nothing but great success with this recipe. Like always, you should try out different colors, and materials to find a variation that works for you, however; if you’re looking for an all-around summer confidence pattern, look no further and tie up some CDC Rusty Warriors.

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  1. That Filling Mill 5125 is an interesting hook and one I have not seen before. It is indeed a jig hook but it has a horizontal eye. Must jig hooks have a vertical eye.

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