How to tie a Penny Dreadful

Walking around the warehouse one day, a flash of tinsel caught the corner of my eye. I had a closer look and fell in love with the Semperfli Irridescent Copper Perdigon Body. In trying to come up with a use for it, I thought I might answer a question no one was asking; what if Charlie’s Mole Fly was made to sink? I gathered as much copper material as I could find, pulled some flash through the bead, and ended up with a Penny Dreadful. If you believe in attractor patterns, this little disco ball of love will get your rig lots of attention. Shiny and reflective from head to toe, the fish will insist on having a closer look. The body tinsel is semi-transparent so your choice of thread will give the body a tint of the thread color. The Krystal Flash up front is stiff when cut short so the water rushing against the wing will give this little bug plenty of action. Swing it through in any position below the surface to see if Mr. Brown is sitting on the seems or hunting in the holes.

Ingredients & Recipe

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