AvidMax Employee Gift Guide

AvidMax Employee Gift Guide 2023

Here at AvidMax, we have compiled a list of our employees favorite items for 2023! These are all products that have been tested and currently used by our employees.

Max Pavel, Director of Purchasing

Regal Revolution Vise

Introducing the Regal Revolution Fly Tying Vise – the pinnacle of precision and performance in the world of fly tying. Crafted with a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and timeless craftsmanship, this vise is a must-have for both seasoned fly tyers and enthusiastic beginners.

Rite Shorty Bobbin

Unleash your fly tying prowess with the Rite Shorty Bobbin Ceramic Tube – the ultimate thread dispenser tool designed to revolutionize your tying experience. Precision-engineered and meticulously crafted, this tool is a game-changer!

Stonfo Fly Pins

The range of sizes in this set offers versatility, accommodating different tube diameters and allowing you to work on a spectrum of tube fly patterns. From small, delicate patterns to larger, more robust designs, these pins ensure a snug fit, giving you the stability and control needed to create flawless flies.

Orvis Helios 3D

The secret to the Helios 3’s unmatched accuracy lies in its design. Utilizing proprietary technology and a finely-tuned taper, each rod in this series offers unprecedented casting precision. This translates to unparalleled control and presentation, allowing anglers to place their fly with extraordinary accuracy and finesse, even in the most challenging conditions.

Fulling Mill Tactical Max Box

The flagship of our range, the Tactical Max would take most anglers a few days to fill. With room for 960 deadly patterns, spread across four sides of high density slit foam, all shielded from the elements by the impact resistant poly-carbonate outer shell. This is THE “go to” box when it comes to getting out there on the water with the right tools for the job. At just over 4cm thick, it’s highly portable too.

Brady Laehr, Director of Operations

Stonfo Transformer Vise

This is a premium vise with all of the bells and whistles. It has excellent “fit and finish” and also offers the tyer versatility. The standard jaws work great for a wide range of trout bugs. The Streamer jaws accommodate larger hooks for flies of all sizes. The Tube Jig is the final piece that allows for just about all tying techniques.

Umpqua XC400BL-BN5X

My all-time favorite hook. Whether you Euro nymph or not, you should consider tying your beadheaded subsurface flies on this bad boy. The XC400 features an extremely sharp and durable hook with a reasonable gap and widely applicable profile. Not to mention the hook-up ratio with this hook is one of my best.

Firehole Tungsten Beads (All Styles)

Matte Beads , Slotted Tungsten, Plated Tungsten, Speckled Tungsten, , Slotted Speckled

Never have there been more options within Tungsten Beads. Countersunk and Slotted. Plated and Matte. Even Glow in the Dark. Firehole has done a super job of putting together one of the widest selections of tungsten beads.

Yakima DoubleHaul

Talk about efficiency! Be the first to the hole with rigged and ready rods. The DoubleHaul, in my opinion provides the best protection and security for full rig rod transportation.

Orvis Helios 3F 6wt

I LOVE this rod. I purchased it as my primary Hopper Dropper rod but have found it does so well at everything. While that is still my preferred tactic with this rod, I have used it in a range of indicator nymphing situations and also for light streamer duty. It has a tremendous feel and is becoming a workhorse within my large quiver of rod options.

Ross Evolution LTX Reel

Fully machined with high-end components and a brilliant finish. This real screams high-end and functions at the same level. The finished reel is super lightweight while remaining durable. On a true trout taper dry fly rod there may be no better match.

Umpqua Lil Kim Streamer

Admittedly while walk and wade streamer fishing last fall, this was the only fly I fished. Why change when it works so well? This “little” cone-head streamer has a way of putting fish in the net. Make sure you have a few in your box!

Scientific Anglers Titan Taper (All Styles)

Mastery Jungle Titan, Amplitude Titan Tropical , Sonar Titan Tip Sink 3 , Sonar Titan Tip Sink 6, Sonar Titan int/Sink3/Sink 5, Sonar Titan Triple Density I/S2/S3, Sonar Titan Big Water, Sonar Titan Sink 3/Sink 5/Sink 7

The Titan taper from Scientific Anglers is a fast-action-loading machine. This line is built to handle the heaviest of rigs. Large indicator rigs and large streamers are thankful. It loads the fastest action rods nice and deep and translates the power generated back through the line into your rig with ease. If you like to minimize false casting and shoot loads of lines this is what you have been looking for. It’s so good that SA makes it in a variety of options. Floating and various sinking densities as well as cold and warm water options.

South Fork Magnetic Fly Holder

This little vest or pack accessories is a game changer. While fly patches work, having a magnet makes the job so much easier. I have used other magnets in the past that don’t hold flies well enough to the point that they are destined to be lost. With this little guy, I have plenty of confidence putting a size 6 stonefly on it and expecting it to be there at the end of the day.

Taylor Conley, Warehouse Manager

Hareline Foamanizer Spool / Tool Module Standard 16″

For every fly tyer, organization is a constant struggle. This is a great product to help keep clutter to a minimum in your tying area.

PEAK Rotary Vise

The PEAK Vise is a great rotary vise for beginner and intermediate tyer’s and doesn’t break the bank.

Loon Fly Tying Mat

This is a great mat to keep your tying area clean and organized. The magnet pads are a life saver for keeping beads and hooks secure.

Tiemco Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin

Like driving a Rolls Royce on a freshly paved road. There is no better bobbin on the market.

Noah Reinhardt, Marketing Manager

MFC Midge Body Thread

The MFC Midge Body Thread has become one of my favorite body materials for euro style patterns.

Hareline Superfine Dry Fly Dub

The Hareline Superfine Dub has been a go-to for all my dry flies. Not only does this have every color I need, but the dubbing is so fine it allows me to easily add dubbing to flies under size 20. This is by far some of my all time favorite dry fly dub, and I highly recommend it to anyone that is wanting a fine synthetic dub.

Hareline Mega Silicone

The Hareline Mega is a desk necessity! This mat has made a positive impact on my tying experience. Not only does it help protect my desk from getting damaged, but the silicone materials also help prevent beads from rolling away.

Zap- A- Gap

Zap- A- Gap is a fantastic all-purpose superglue. I started using it as a head finish on all my flies, and since doing so, I have not had any flies come apart while fishing. Zap-A-Gap is a superior finish and will always have a place on my desk.

Orvis 2wt Recon

This rod is perfect for the blue line fanatic. I recently picked up the 2wt Recon and I absolutely love it for small creeks in Colorado. This rod is perfect for presenting dry flies, and can also handle smaller indicator setups. If you’re looking for an ideal creek rod that can do everything you need while still remaining sensitive, pick up the 2wt Recon.

Cortland Trout Boss Double Taper

The Cortland Trout Boss DT line is a modern take on a classic style line. I have always loved using DT lines, and the Trout Boss DT works exceptionally well with faster rods. I have used this line for dries, indicator fishing, and throwing small streamers, and this line excels in all those scenarios.

Orvis CFO

If you are in the market for a reel that looks as good as it fishes, take a look at the Orvis CFO. I have loved using this reel on my 5wt Superfine rod, and I have enjoyed the classic feel of this reel. The CFO is an USA- made click and pawl reel and perfect for any angler who wants a vintage-style reel with modern components.

Colten Frazier, Data Manager

Fishpond CBD Lip Balm

This is one of my favorite lip balms on the market. I use it daily, and I love the peppermint taste. The lip balm works especially well if you have chapped lips ,and the CBD helps promote recovery for your lips.

Orvis Chest Pack

The Orvis Chest Pack has been my main pack this past season, and I have had no complaints. I love having all my gear up on my chest so I can access everything I need easily while also having a ring on the back of the pack that allows me to carry a hand net while on the water.

Orvis Superfine 376-3

The 3wt Superfine has taken the place of my go-to creek and dry fly rod. I love how delicate the presentation is with this rod, and the slow action of the rod makes for an incredible casting experience.

AvidMax Hats

Not much to say about this hat other than it looks good, and I love wearing it!

Orvis Superfine Line

The Superfine line pairs really well on my Superfine rod, and I think this line is perfect for anyone who fishes with a glass or bamboo rod.

Fishpond Cutbank Gear Bag

Like some other anglers, I, too, had a hard time keeping all my gear organized, so I picked up the Cutbank, and it has been a game changer. I like to keep everything I need for a day out on the river in this bag, such as my pack, jacket, gloves, snacks, and even a first aid kit. I keep this bag packed at all times so when I am on the way to the river, I have everything I need in one place, to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Orvis Clearwater Reel

I feel that the purpose of a reel is to hold my fly line, and the Clearwater does everything I need it to do. It feels good on my rod, has a good drag system for fishing trout in Colorado, and comes in at a great price. Not much to say about this reel other than I love it, and it’s one of my favorites.

Patrick Srebniak, Retail/Customer Service

Tiemco 2488

The go to grub hook. If your angler ties flies, they have used this hook and loved it. Size 20 for the small stuff and 14 for bugger bugs.

Ahrex AFW555

Euro junkie or not, we all love a jig hook. The Ahrex AFW555 is designed with a slightly longer shank to give the tyer a little more real estate for weight and body. From the smallest size to the largest, we will put them to good use.

Whiting Farms 1/2 Cape

We always try to get away with feathers that are good enough (and kind enough to our bank account). A premium saddle or cape from whiting is so much nicer to work with and will give your tyer access to the perfect sized immaculate feather for many ties to come.

Yakoda Nippers

We all have them. Probably still the first ones we ever bought for $5-10. They gets the job done but we all know the experience could be a lot better with a nicer tool. Nippers are among the top items where we forego luxury but after using nice nippers just once, we begin to see the light. This is an item we would all love to have but can never seem to justify the expense. This is almost guaranteed to be a massive upgrade for any angler that will be much appreciated.

TroutHunter Fluoro Tippet

We shudder at the price of Fluorocarbon tippet. We know it’s superior to nylon in almost every way but always ask ourselves where our money could be “better” spent. This is an item that we use on every fishing outing. Give the gift of superior performance and confidence with a spool of TroutHunter Fluorocarbon tippet in 4x, 5x.

Scientific Anglers Sonar Sink 25 Cold

The streamer fly line at the top of my recommendations for the wading angler. 25 Feet of level sinking head that is the perfect length for controlled streamer presentations. The deciding feature is the floating running line. As a wading angler, you do not want the running line piling up at your feet submerged underwater that your cast will then have to dig out, robbing you of distance or accuracy.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity Smooth

Invest in your casting first, invest in your line second. There are anglers that have been playing this game for years and still believe a line is a line is a line. Few items will improve casting performance and fishing satisfaction like a top quality line. The SA Infinity taper is my go to recommendation for a versatile floating line and it’s at it’s best in the Amplitude series

Mike Maxum, CEO/Owner

Fishpond Switchback Pro

I love this pack; it allows you to customize exactly what you want and add any of the Fishpond accessories. One of my favorite parts of this bag is that the net slot is separate from the main compartment, which allows you to grab all the gear you need from your pack without the net getting in the way.

Patagonia Swiftcurrent Zip Waders

These are amazing waders! I could not imagine using anything other than the swift current waders. I love the quick-release suspenders, hand warmers, and kneepads. The kneepads are a great addition to these waders and help you comfortably kneel on a gravel bank without hurting your knees.

Korker DarkHorse Boot

The DarkHorse boots from Korkes are an all-around quality boot. I love how durable they are and how secure they make my foot. Security from the boot is necessary when wading out in fast water or unstable to ground. These are by far one of my favorite boots, and they have served me very well!

Ross Reel LTX 5wt

I don’t have much to say about this reel other than its durable, reliable, and sleek. This was my first Ross Reel and it was been quite impressive and I have no complaints! I would recommend this reel to anyone who is in the market for a premium reel.

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