Hoh Bo Spey’s Brother Larry

Learn how to tie the  Hoh Bo Spey’s Brother Larry

This fly has is a spruced-up Hoh Bo Spey, designed to push a little more water and add some more color to the mix. When in doubt on color, pick something veiled in black. Charles St. Pierre first developed the Hoh Bo Spey to chase salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. He named this fly after the two prolific rivers, the Hoh and the Bogachiel. As this fly swims through the current, the marabou pulses and flows, making it irresistible on the swing. This fly must be a staple in your box if you have a two-handed rod in your hand. Size it up or down by changing the hook size or shank length to match your river. The color combinations are endless, so go nuts and hold on tight.

Ingredients & Recipe

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