Fly Box Frustration and Redemption

Fly Box Frustration and Redemption

What do these 3 fly fishing scenarios have in common?

Scenario 1:

You’ve been on the water for an hour, just blind casting and waiting for something to happen. Praying for the hatch or to see some rises. Suddenly it happens, a couple BWOs start floating off the water and the trout start rising. You reel in, re-rig your leader and pull out your fly box to grab a BWO emerger because you can tell that’s what they’re eating . . . Continue reading “Fly Box Frustration and Redemption”

Umpqua Swiftwater ZS Tech Vest Review

Umpqua Feather Merchants has long been known for their flies: creating impressive processes to develop great consistency over a very large selection. While they maintain their excellence in this category, over the past few years they have developed into a broader offering of fly fishing gear. Their packs and vests are a newer addition to the company’s heritage, but, in my mind, they have made some great strides with their products. Continue reading “Umpqua Swiftwater ZS Tech Vest Review”