By Larry Gallegos

Like most tiers, I tweak most of the flies I tie. In doing so, I’ve recently come up with a brand new fly that I’m calling the Evo Baetis. It combines some fun and easy tying techniques to produce a surprisingly effective fly. It’s worked so well that my buddy John has dubbed it the “Superfly.” That name’s a bit pretentious for me so I chose “Evo Baetis” as a more descriptive alternative. By either name, trout sure seem to like it. 

I tie these in sizes 18 to 22, to match the size of the BWOs in Colorado. As it’s a thread-body fly requiring some bobbin-twirling, I like to use 70 denier Ultra thread for it’s terrific flattening and cording-up qualities. 

Step-By-Step Instructions 

1. Pinch the barb on a #20 TMC 100 or 101 hook and mount it in your vise.  

2. Attach olive or brown-olive thread 1½ to 2 eye-widths behind the eye. That bare space is reserved for the thorax. Then wrap back to the bend of the hook shank. 

3. Attach two white mayfly tail fibers with one or two wraps to form a tail that’s a little longer than the hook shank, then split the tail fibers. Put one wrap under the tail (or use the figure-8 method) to further lift and separate the tail fibers. 

4. Spin your bobbin to untwist and flatten the thread. Wrap the hook shank to form a smooth, thin, slightly tapered abdomen. The abdomen should end 1½ eye-widths behind the hook eye. Return the thread to the tail tie-in point. 

5. Spin your bobbin the opposite direction to cord-up the thread. Then make 4 to 6 spiral wraps up the abdomen to the thorax area. This gives the fly a segmented look. 

6. Tie off and remove the olive thread. Attach grey thread to the thorax area. 

7. Attach a thin strand of Opal Flashabou at the rear of the thorax. Then build up the thorax with thread until it is as thick as the thick end of the abdomen. Use the tinsel to either (a) form a thin flash “collar” where the abdomen and thorax meet, or (b) pull the tinsel over the thorax for a wingcase-like look. The wingcase method is faster and simpler but I prefer the flash collar. As they say, “If you love it, put a ring on it.” 

8. Whip finish, add a drop of head cement and you’re done. Pat yourself on the back.  

I know some of you are thinking, “Larry you idiot, this is just a variation of an RS2.” Maybe it is. But, by the same logic, a Tesla is just a variation of a Model T Ford. Evolution makes scavengers into much more effective predators. Hence, the “Evo Baetis.” Give it a try . . . and let me know how you do.


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2 thoughts on “THE EVO BAETIS 

  1. Yep, the abdomen and thorax are just thread. I generally use Brown/Olive color Ultra thread for the abdomen (which is closer to BWO color) but the lighter color shows up more clearly for purposes of the photo.

  2. Is that just thread for the thorax? Couldn’t tell if I’m seeing a broken fiber or another material. Thanks. Like it!

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