How to tie The UV Sally

“The UV Sally is a small stonefly nymph that utilizes both classic natural materials and newer synthetics. This pattern developed by Mickey Anderson is an excellent imitation of not only Yellow Sally Stonefly Nymphs but also small Golden Stoneflies. The biots really make the pattern for me. Using them to create mottled segmentation catches my eye as a fisher. It seems like the fish agree. During the right summer months on the right rivers, this fly will be your number one producer. Being tied on a traditional nymph hook with a standard size bead this pattern is easy to fish and works well in a multi nymphing rig. At the same time, it is light enough to fish under a reasonably sized dry in a dry-dropper setup. Fish it under a yellow Hippy Stomper and even if the hatch isn’t bringing fish to the surface, you will have an ace in the hole subsurface.”

Ingredients, Tools & Recipe

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