How to tie The User Friendly

“Another great fly developed by Andrew Grillos. The User Friendly is a buoyant low riding mayfly that is a versatile fish hunter. I like to think of it as a slimed down Hippy Stomper. It rides low but doesn’t sink and features a small profile when compared to other foam flies. This fly can be spun up in a wide range of sizes and is a great bug to experiment with. Tie it in small for BWO’s and PMD’s or in larger sizes to match Green Drakes like the version in our video.. Although there are a few steps and techniques used, overall, it is a quick tie.”

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  1. That’s a pretty long tie but worth it in the end. I especially like the crossing segmentation on top of the abdomen. If you look at photos of mayfly duns you will see something just like it.

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