How to tie the Pure Midge

“Tricos, like lots of other Mayflies, are often seen in their spinner fall “So simple so “Pure”. Thanks to John Barr for another excellent trout slaying bug. The Pure Midge is so basic and easy to tie you might be shocked at how well it catches fish. With only three materials including the hook, this is a great starter pattern for any new fly tyer or an excellent option for someone building a tailwater-specific box they want to catch fish but don’t want to spend hours on. Change up the color, hook, and thread and you can create a world of midge larvae that will hammer fish in midge heavy fisheries. If you are feeling cheeky you can add some ribbing to segment the body to elevate it slightly. This small fly is best fished with split shot or other heavier lead patterns that help to get it down deep where the midge larvae are most prevalent. If you fish throughout the winter this bug may be one of only a few patterns you really need.”

Ingredients, Tools & Recipe

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