How to tie Dave’s Lunker Leach

“The Lunker Leech is an excellent option for lake anglers that are looking for a unique action out of their leech and it can be fished in rivers as well with great success. The addition of a second tungsten bead gives the lunker leech the ability to penetrate the water column quickly in order to get the fly into the strike zone fast. The wiggle tail adds another great feature to the fly in the way of how it moves. The tail is naturally curved meaning any time it is pulled or moved, the tail will want to be pulled straight and upon the fly stopping, will return to its curved state. This adds the much desired natural movement of real leeches, something that many other leech patterns lack. The fluttering motion of the tail entices even the wariest of fish from Trout to Bass to even some larger panfish. I like fishing the Lunker Leech from a floating line with little strips to pop the fly up and down in a jigging fashion followed by a short pause which can lead to some stellar aggressive takes.”

Ingredients, Tools & Recipe

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