How to tie the Two Wing Trico

“Tricos, like lots of other Mayflies, are often seen in their spinner fall stage. Although these bugs can be quite small this stage allows for exciting dry fly opportunities. As they mate and fall back to the surface, they will sometimes land in pairs making for an irresistible meal. The Two Wing Trio is the perfect option in this scenario and is built specifically for this purpose. The dual-wing not only helps with visibility but convinces a fish there is a two-for-one sale going on. If you see trout rising to these tiny bugs in the late fall this bug may be your perfect choice.”

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One thought on “How to tie the Two Wing Trico

  1. That’s a great looking fly. Those Tricos are indeed small so putting two of them together might give us a chance to see it out on the water 30 or 40 feet away.

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