How to tie The Magic Fly

“The Magic is it! I feel like whenever Fluoro Fibre is incorporated into a pattern it really does become magic! The Magic fly is simple but has all the right components. A light mayfly style tail with a thin ribbed body and a prominent Fluoro Fibre emerging wing. The clear white shimmer is a wonderous attractor for fish looking to grab bugs on their way up. This bug is an excellent dropper fly under just about any dry fly. It can also be a perfect point fly trailing off the back of your indicator rig. The Magic fly is a quick tie and can be changed to match BWO’s, PMD’s and an array of other emerging mayflies and midges. Simply flick your wand and put fish in your net.”

Ingredients, Tools & Recipe

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    1. Thanks darrelln09! Nice catch. We have added the tails to the recipe. I used the Hareline Mayfly Tails.

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