How to tie The Perpetrator

“The Perpetrator is a wet fly that really grabs. Not only did it captivate me when I first saw it, but fish love it too. It is a relatively simple Salmon/Steelhead bug that can easily be thrown on a single hand rig. The perpetrator is designed to be swung but works great in a world of situations. The pattern we tied has classic stylings and colors and will fool fish feeding on large nymphs while also working as an attractor. It can be tied in various colors such as an orange October Caddis for when the big pupa are emerging. The intruder-style stinger hook makes sure you will get a nice positive hookup however you drift this bug. If you are new to this style of fly this is an excellent choice to cut your teeth on.”

Ingredients, Tools & Recipe

  • Hook: Tiemco TMC 5263 – Size 6
  • Bead: Countersunk Brass Bead
  • Thread: UTC 140D – Olive
  • Wire: Senyos Intruder Wire – Small
  • Intruder Hook: Firehole 785 – Size 6
  • Ribbing: French Tinsel – Medium Gold
  • Body: UV Icedub – Peacock Black
  • Soft Hackle Wing: Mallard Flank – Dyed Wood Duck
  • Wing: Guinea Feather – Natural
  • Collar: UV Ice Dub – Peacock Black

2 thoughts on “How to tie The Perpetrator

  1. The collar on that pattern is super interesting! I had to watch the video just to find out exactly what you did because I couldn’t see how the material list got you there. Nice.

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