How to tie The Stinger Clouser

“The Stinger Clouser is a fantastic baitfish pattern for many fresh and saltwater species. Not only is it an easy tie, but it can also be tied in many different colors to imitate any baitfish. The standard Clouser Minnow has solidified itself as one of the world’s most popular and well-known baitfish throughout the years due to its effectiveness and this rendition is no exception. Having the hook dropped back with an up eye, wide gap, octopus style hook allows for easy consistent hook-ups and even the ability to replace the hook at a later time if needed. Tying them with whatever size dumbbell eyes you like to get whatever weight you desire is also key to this fly. Having a large pair of eyes sometimes allows for the fly to have the drive in the water column to get the fly down when it counts and so does having a smaller or lighter pair when weeds are abundant and the fly needs to be just sub-surface.”

Ingredients, Tools & Recipe

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