How to tie The Atomic Stone

“This large Stonefly Nymph is one of my favorites! It is dark and heavy and brings a lot of fish to the net. This Atomic Stone is a tricked-out version of the Kauffman’s stone created by Brian Hudspeth, an Umpqua Feather Merchants tyer out of the Pacific Northwest. Our version is altered slightly but still fairly true to his design. His addition of underbody weight and gills really make this pattern perform. The time and effort to tie this bug is well worth it! The Atomic Stone can be tied in sizes ranging from 04 down to 12 and is effective on any waterway where stoneflies are present. You may think of a large stonefly like this to be a summertime nymph but don’t be afraid to rig one on during the winter months. It is an excellent lead fly option that helps your rig find depth and turns a lot of opportunistic trout.”

Ingredients, Tools & Recipe

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  1. I agree that this one will require some serious time at the vise but I’m going to give it a shot. Gathering the materials together and doing a little research, I believe that the original pattern calls for stripped black hackle stems for the antennae. Using biots, as you did, will make them a lot more visible.

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