How to tie The Mono Midge

“The name “Mono Midge ” applies to this ultra simplistic pattern in a few ways. It is constructed in Monofilament, uses only one material (aside from the hook, thread and bead in this case) and may be the only fly you need on cold winter tailwater days. This “Guide Style” fly is easy to tie and provides an excellent exoskeleton style fly without the use of UV or Head Cement style finishes. The Monofilament gives quick segmentation and allows for a variety of color options with a simple change of the tying thread. Olive, red, black and brown are my most used options on this pattern. If you need a lighter version, omit the bead and finish this fly with a clean thread head. Make sure to get this fly deep. Using a heavy lead fly such as the Jigged Iron Sally or split shot will get you into the low and slow winter trout feeding zone.”

Ingredients, Tools & Recipe

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