How to tie The Big Eyed Semperfli Mouse

This Sempermouse has many rigorous hours of R&D that went into its creation. Steve (Fellow AvidMax Fly Guru) and I have been working on this fly for over a year and are happy to finally share it. Thank you to Semperfli for providing us with such a cool material to utilize! Semperfli Wabbit is a super unique material that performs great and lasts fish after fish. It has excellent movement, dries/sheds water very quickly, and is super tyer friendly. In order to get this fly to have the right action and floatability, the 6mm foam is very necessary. Using anything less will lead to a scuba diving mouse pattern (which also works on the right rivers), which does not allow the mouse to swim frantically on the surface. We like it in a couple of different combinations, but the Fox Squirrel is the go-to color. If you have never fished a mouse pattern for trout, you need to! It can be some of the most exciting “dry fly” fishing you will ever do.

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4 thoughts on “How to tie The Big Eyed Semperfli Mouse

  1. Excellent fly – Well Done! Like the facts that it is well crafted and yet a relatively simple tie, that it is a solid and robust looking workhorse fishing fly that uses the materials characteristics to the max. Having used and worked with the Semperfli Wabbit I understand how the features of it work to make your fly and calling it the Semper Mouse is inspired as the video shows the material working in the water very well. This will go global!

  2. I’m curious to know why you oriented the trailing hook with the point upward. Won’t that tend to flip the fly over when it lands on the water?

  3. It’s impressive how much trouble you’ve taken in selecting the materials and tying the fly in order to get the desired action on the water. Very impressive. I do think you’re giving Semperfli a little too much credit though – I think you should call it the Max Mouse.

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