How to tie The Batwing Emerger

“More and more patterns these days are converting and utilizing jig style hooks. Whether you are fishing Euro/Tight line nymphing or throwing under an indicator the benefits are there. The Iron Sally Stonefly pattern is a stonefly nymph that can easily be adapted to take advantage of a jig style hook. This fly is an excellent offering when fishing locations that have an abundance of Yellow Sally Stoneflies but can also work well on other waterways that might have other Plecoptea (Stoneflies). I have always enjoyed a wire wrapped body like you see on Brassies and Copper Johns. There is something special about using that Some fly tyers come up with crazy names for flies simply for shock value or marketing purposes. Others like my FL CDL pattern are strictly based on the materials used. The Bat Wing Emerger by Tracy Peterson of Umpqua Feather Merchants really couldn’t have been named anything else. This special process for tying in the aftershaft hackle fibers in an upward concave method makes it obvious. Traditionally it is tied in either as BWO or PMD, but attractor colors can be a great option as well. This little fly is versatile in the fact that it can be fished just sub surface or dredged deeply through a run. It also shines as a single dropper on a dry dropper rig as the glass bead is enough weight to break surface tension but still light enough to fish under smaller midges and mayflies.”

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