How to tie The Jigged Iron Sally

“More and more patterns these days are converting and utilizing jig style hooks. Whether you are fishing Euro/Tight line nymphing or throwing under an indicator the benefits are there. The Iron Sally Stonefly pattern is a stonefly nymph that can easily be adapted to take advantage of a jig style hook. This fly is an excellent offering when fishing locations that have an abundance of Yellow Sally Stoneflies but can also work well on other waterways that might have other Plecoptea (Stoneflies). I have always enjoyed a wire wrapped body like you see on Brassies and Copper Johns. There is something special about using that method while interweaving a backing on top to create a realistic profile as well as segmentation. This pattern fishes great in a nymphing rig as a lead fly to help get into the zone.”

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One thought on “How to tie The Jigged Iron Sally

  1. Indeed it is a very “fishy” fly! It’s impressive how you interleave the Thin Skin and the gold wire on the top of the abdomen. I even use that technique on some larger dry flies (using thread, not wire) to get a dark-colored band on the top of the abdomen. I really like that realistic effect.

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