How to tie The Dirty Bug Softie

“This fly is a mash-up of some of my favorite fly tying materials and aspects of fly design; pheasant tail, CDC soft hackles, and Semperfli Dirty Bug yarn. The colors used are just one example of a nearly endless list of possibilities. I’ve had success with this particular configuration as my lead/attractor fly in a multi-nymph rig. However, don’t hesitate to whip it up in more natural and subtle shades to be used as a swung wet fly. As much as I wish the viewer success with this pattern, I also hope it inspires you to try out the Semperfli Dirty Bug Yarn in a wide variety of capacities. Think Walt’s Worms, Peeping Caddis, Hare’s Ears, and nearly any pattern that uses a healthily dubbed body. For ease of use, variety of colors, durability, and bin appeal, the dirty bug yarn from Semperfli is a lazy fly tyers dream.”

Ingredients, Tools & Recipe

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