How to tie Carl’s Foam Ant

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady ties Carl’s Foam Ant!

Do you need a quick and easy “Guide Fly” that works as a small terrestrial such as ants and beetles? Look no further than Carl’s Foam Ant. This pattern is a quick foam fly with very few materials. Not only is it easy to tie, but it works great! The foam body keeps it buoyant throughout the day while keeping a realistic profile that fish have no issues committing to. You can beef this pattern up with thicker foam, change the color combination, or adjust the profile to imitate an array of top-water bugs. For me, it’s most often found on my rig when fishing high alpine lakes and other Stillwater fisheries that have an abundance of black ants, beetles, and other small terrestrials that fish are looking to bulk up on during summer months.

Ingredients & Recipe

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