How to tie the Green Butt Skunk

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Dave ties the Green Butt Skunk!

As a general all-around pattern for trout to steelhead, the Green Butt Skunk is an exceptionally hard fly to beat. The fly itself has been around for many years and in that time has solidified itself as a staple fly for many anglers. The reason for its success and popularity is because it can be fished in high, murky water effectively as well as low, clear water without spooking fish that are hanging up close to shore. The black body contrasts with the red and green at the back of the fly, giving it a very mellow, non-invasive look while also having just the right amount of “pop” to make it stick out. Tie them in your favorite size hook for the fish you are going after (I think size 6 and size 8 are optimal for trout). You can even fish these flies on a little 4 weight rod as the pattern itself has very little weight. I think they are best fished while being swung through a piece of water but are also effective when stripped back. Note, if you are trying to fish deeper water, tying the fly a little more sparsely and attaching it to the end of a sink tip or sinking line will help get the fly down to the strike zone.

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  1. This is definitely a fly I want to tie and fish. I like the idea of keeping it light and fishing it with a 4- or 5-weight rod.

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