How to tie the Graveyard Midge

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady ties the Graveyard Midge!

“Another pattern that I am fortunate to have found out about thanks to Fly Tyer Magazine. The Graveyard Midge is an excellent pupating midge imitation. The clear white razor foam works great not only by giving the appearance of a forming gas bubble but also by providing the action of a midge beginning to make its emergence. As a midge transitions from its larva form into its pupae stage, it begins moving up and down close to the bottom before making one strong push to the surface. This pattern emulates this perfectly! This fly is an excellent choice in the winter months when fish are holding deep. Fish it Euro style in partnership with your anchor flies or under an indicator with a split shot to get it down and in the fish’s face.”

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