How to tie Easdon’s Blindside Midge

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Brady ties Easdon’s Blindside Midge!

“I recently saw this pattern in the Spring issue of Fly Tyer Magazine and thought it was brilliant. Created by Jon Easdon of Colorado Spring’s Anglers Covey this pattern seemed like a glammed up Mercury Midge. If you have ever fished Colorado tailwaters you know the Mercury Midge is an all-time favorite and one great trout producer. The only downside is that it has been fished in these pressured waters for some time. On certain days the fish know all about it and will turn their heads. Although I don’t know the origins of the name it seems very appropriate as I am guessing it will “blindside” the fish that might have avoided the classic Mercury Midge. I haven’t yet been able to get this fly wet but look forward to taking it into Cheesman Canyon to fool some of those picky fish!”

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2 thoughts on “How to tie Easdon’s Blindside Midge

  1. That’s a nice little midge pattern. It definitely adds something to a traditional Mercury Midge. I’ve never thought to use an ostrich herl for a hackle collar but it looks great. I have a few colors of that so I have some options. Also, please note that your Ingredients & Recipe calls for a Trailing Shuck but there was no such thing in the tying video.

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