How to tie an Extended Body Midge

In this week’s episode of Tying Tuesdays, watch as Max ties an Extended Body Midge!

“This is a pretty sweet little midge pattern! Tie it on any hook and vary the look of the fly by changing the size and color of the wire. The small-sized wire works well for tying size 20’s and smaller. You can also tie this extended body midge on a jig hook with a black bead for tight line nymphing scenarios. As I said in the video, this pattern tied in larger sizes is a great stillwater fly. When the water on lakes, ponds, and reservoirs is still cold, fish this fly down just off the bottom (the red color is the ticket in this situation). Overall, my favorite colors are black, red, brown, olive, and chartreuse. Feel free to add or subtract the pieces of wire you are blending to manage weight, size, and desired profile.”

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  1. Twisted wire … that’s interesting! I’ve seen a fly similar to that which used Sparkle Braid. You just singe the back end with a lighter so it doesn’t come unraveled.

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