How to tie the Hollow Tie Pike Fly

Once again it’s #FlyTyingTuesday at AvidMax, and with spring weather we have toothy critters on the brain! This week, check out Max’s Hollow Tie Pike Fly! ⁠

Looking for some toothy fish? Then spin a couple of these flies up. Playing with bucktail is fun, and this fly uses a lot of it. 8” of fly that is sure to get a predator’s attention. Not only does this fly push a lot of water, but it also has a glass rattle hidden under the bucktail for some added noise. Switch your colors, add some 8mm eyes or bigger, or add a dragon tail/wave tail for some crazy movement in the water. This fly is fun to tie and might produce that big one you have been casting for. My other favorite colors are chartreuse with an orange head or black on black!

Ingredients & Recipe

Tools Used

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