How to tie a Stimulator Fly | Foam Body

Are you tired of having to cure your traditional Stimulator to keep it floating high and dry? Weather you use Shimazaki dry shake, Dry Magic, Aquel or Amadou to do so, it takes away from keeping your fly on the water. Foam Bodied Stimulator to the rescue!

This pattern is one of the most buoyant that I fish. With a foam body, sold dry fly hackle and the typical elk hair wing it floats drift after drift without having to re-cure every third cast. Don’t fear it fishes just as solid as a dubbed body stimulator. This is a great pattern fished by itself but really shines as a hopper dropper rig.

Ingredient recipe

  • Hook – Firehole 718 4-16
  • Thread – Veevus 10/0 Hot Orange
  • Tail and Wing – Wapsi Premo Bleached Elk Hair Body
  • Hareline Thin Fly Foam Orange Hackle
  • Abdomen – Whiting Farms High and Dry Brown
  • Thorax= Whiting Farms High and Dry Grizzly
  • Flash – Pearl Krystal Flash
  • Thorax Dubbing – Hareline Ice Dub Golden Brown

Tools Used

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