Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition Waders Review

Having switched from a different brand, I had no previous experience with Patagonia wading gear. After some rugged days on the water, my impression of the Swiftcurrent Expedition waders is that they are truly a bomber piece of gear.

What I find most noteworthy about these waders is that they are made with a 100% recycled face fabric. This is unprecedented in the industry, and means that my choice to wear them has an impact that extends way beyond myself.

Seams are typically the weakest point of any wader. However, in the rigorous testing of these waders, the fabric was actually delaminating before the double taped seams were. This is something never seen before in Patagonia’s testing of their previous models, or any of their competitors waders. Between the durability updates and the ability to make repairs via the Patagonia Worn Wear tour, I intend to hit the water with these for many seasons. Making waders with recycled materials and keeping them out of the landfill longer is a win-win.

For a full in-depth look of the Swiftcurrent Expedition line-up, (Swiftcurrent Expedition Zip & Swiftcurrent Expedition Non-Zip), please watch our video!

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