The Bag Trick For Your Fishing Waders

I just started using this trick, after a long morning in the water I was struggling to get my feet out of the neoprene booties on my summer waders. I look over at my buddy and he already had his waders off, camp shoes on, fly rod taken apart, and was eating a cold can of soup for lunch. I just sat there stunned until he noticed and came over to help me pry the booties off my feet. After some work I am free and said, “You know there is an easy solution for that.” I had no idea what he was talking about, so he went on to tell me about “The Bag Trick.” It is a simple trick really that works like a charm. All you must do is put your feet in plastic bags before putting them into your waders. Simple as that!

Ready to put my feet in my fishing waders
Feet and french fry socks ready!

If you are built like me, the boot size on most waders is slightly too small and getting out of them is a trick. Pulling on the boots of the waders can cause strain on the waders as well as your body as you are hunched over trying to pull them off. The bag trick solves all of this! With the bags on your feet they slide in and out of the waders without a problem at all.

Feet are now ready with bags on them to be put in my waders
Feet and french fry socks now in my favorite bags.

Any plastic bag will work, ones without zippers will work the best for comfort, and thinner the better. My favorite plastic bag to use is on that is meant to pick up dog waste. They are cheap, come in modestly sized rolls easy to throw in a pack, and you can even get a dispenser for them to clip on wherever you would like.

Feet now in my waders ready to go
Now just slide your bagged feet into your waders
Feet with bags on them are now inside my waders ready to go fly fishing
Then, just pull them up and when your ready, they will come right off!

Once you are done fishing, you slip the waders off and the bag will stay in the boot. Simply reach in, pull it out and stash it in the chest pocket for future use or use the bag to pick up trash around your favorite fishing area. You may think that it is uncomfortable having plastic bags on your feet, but the booties made of neoprene and are not breathable anyhow. They are also tight enough to hold the bag in place so that you do not notice it moving around at all. It is pretty much unnoticeable while you are fishing and when the time comes to take the waders off there is not a struggle getting your feet out.

Try it out and you’ll see. In the meanwhile, I’ll be over at the campsite eating the soup this time, and I’ll be waiting for you to come join me.

What did you think of Bryan’s bag trick? Have you ever used this method? Would you use it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Written by Bryan Butler

Bryan Butler is a Nebraskan who grew up camping, fishing, hunting, and anything else in the outdoors. He picked up fly fishing during on of the several summers that he spent guiding wilderness trips all around the upper peninsula of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, as well as a couple trips into Ontario Canada. Click here to follow me on Instagram

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