How To Tie The Ghost Rider Booby Fly: Fly Tying Tutorial Video

The Ghost Rider Booby Fly

This fly looks alright out of the water, but amazing in the water. The marabou pulses dramatically upon every strip. This pattern is a bit of an attractor pattern but can imitate a leech swimming if the fisherman slows the retrieve way down. This fly is best fished on a sinking line so that it will sink deep but avoid snags on the bottom due to the foam eyes. I like to tie it with a stinger hook as well if I plan on it being the last fly in my rig. The bottom line is that this fly has great action and can be fished many different ways.

The Ghost Rider Booby Fly Ingredients & Tying Recipe:

Hook – Umpqua Competition Series C900BL
Thread – UTC Ultra Thread 140 Black
Foam Head – Parachute Post White
Flash – Krystal Flash Pearl
Tail and Body – Marabou Blood Quills Fluorescent Orange
Collar – Marabou Blood Quills Black
UV Finish – Solarez Thick Hard Formula

Tools used to create this fly:
Vise – Peak Vise
Tools – Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit

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One thought on “How To Tie The Ghost Rider Booby Fly: Fly Tying Tutorial Video

  1. GREAT PATTERN. However, this fly is very similar to Jack Gartside’s Pheasant Tail Streamer, without the mallard flank collar and with the booby eyes. A reference to the much earlier pattern would have been nice.

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