Waterworks-Lamson 2020 Fly Reel Lineup Preview & Overview

The Waterworks-Lamson 2020 Lineup is almost here! With revamped reels and slick new improvements, this latest lineup of reels is sure to make a statement on the water. Below we’ll go over each individual reel and all of their main specs, along with what new changes have been made to their configurations.

Waterworks-Lamson will be releasing the reels in phases, so stay tuned to our website and this timetable chart at the bottom of this blog post for the latest updates.

New Configurations

New configurations of Waterworks-Lamson Fly Reels

The latest lineup of Waterworks-Lamson is introducing a new way of understanding their fly reel configurations. Instead of the former way (ex: 3-4wt), they now will be a range-like symbol as seen up above (ex: -3+). For instance, a fly reel that is 3wt will be a -3+ model for a 2,3,4 fly rod and can take up to a WF4 fly line. With all of that said, let’s dive right in with the Lamson Liquid reels.

Lamson Liquid Fly Reel

Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Reels | Smoke + Vapor
The Liquid is the entry-level introduction to all things fly fishing.

As Waterworks-Lamson would put it, “this is the best reel $100 can buy.”

An affordable option, but not at the sake of lowering Lamson’s high regard for quality. With a large arbor and a pressure cast aluminum frame, the Lamson Liquid is built to last. The pressure cast reel with compound curves and a near zero-radius inside corners makes for a structurally sound reel ready to take on almost anything. For even extra measure, it proudly has 100% U.S. drag components for a sealed conical drag and is primarily manufactured in the USA too. Lightweight, low cost, and a helluva reel. This is the Lamson Liquid. Now available in two types of polyurethane finish: smoke and vapor.

Remix Fly Reel

Waterworks-Lamson Remix Fly Reels | Smoke + Sublime
Next up is the Lamson Remix reel and the name says it all. A hybrid of epic proportions, this reel combines the peak of pressure cast technologies and CNC machining for the ultimate remix on par with any modern classic tune. Bringing in the cool with the new, the Remix also has a durable frame with a u-shaped large arbor. In addition, it has a cast aluminum spool and a sealed conical drag, which is on par with the premium Waterworks-Lamson reels lineup. The majority of the Remix is manufactured in the USA with all of the assembly done stateside. Same as the Lamson Liquid reels, it has two hard bright finish options: smoke and sublime. Like any great Remix, this is one that’s here to stay among the rest of the best.

Guru S Fly Reel

Waterworks-Lamson Guru S Fly Reels | Arctic + Blaze + O.G.
The third generation of its kind, the Lamson Guru reels have had a complete top-down redesign and now sport a look that is entirely brand new. This redesign has led to such advancements as a significantly lighter overall structure and a much higher performing reel than previous generations, which many now call the Holy Grail in fly reel design. In other words, the Lamson Guru could not be more cool. But like any good guru, this reel has a lot more to it under closer inspection. For instance, it has an enhanced spool machining technique, a large arbor, and of course a sealed conical drag system. With all of that said, it’s 100% American made and proud of it. Both its structure and its function inspire beauty. This reel comes in a trio of anodized finish colors: arctic, blaze, and O.G.

Speedster Fly Reel

Waterworks-Lamson Speedster Fly Reel in Ember and Midnight
Like a sports cars, the Lamson Speedster is a thrill of a reel. They say third times the charm and when it comes to the latest generation of Speedster reels, it can do no wrong. Similar to the aforementioned Guru reels, this too has had a complete top-down redesign for the better. Now lighter and higher performing, it still has all the hallmarks of the super speedster. Like sporting a super arbor, a sealed conical drag, and even an enhanced spool machining technique. Akin to vrooming muscle cars of the 1960s, it’s 100% American made too. All in all, its strong structure and formidable function inspires beauty. Now available in a dynamic duo of complementary Hard Alox finishes from sunburnt ember to a crisp-cool midnight blue.

Litespeed G5 Fly Reel

Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed G5 Fly Reels | Blackout + Cinder + Fusion

Second to last, but certainly not the least of these is the Lamson Litespeed G5 reels. As the fifth generation, this version of the Litespeed has taken things up a notch with a higher retrieve rate and a narrower spool for improved line handling. With an integrated drag cassette for a stiffer frame and the ergonomic drag knob, the Litespeed G5 is as legendary as ever. Like almost all Waterworks-Lamson reels, this too has a large arbor and of course is U.S. made. The updated Hard Alox gives a much more beautiful and consistent finish that comes in three key colors. Those colors being blackout, cinder, and the special edition Litespeed G5 wrapped in an exclusive Fusion camo from First Lite to support conservation efforts by Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. With each purchase of the Litespeed First Lite Fusion reels, a part of the proceeds will support the cause to prevent threats to public lands and waters.

Force SL Series II Fly Reel

Waterworks-Lamson Force SL Series II Fly Reels | Azure + Flash + Thermal
The only reel to both be as light as a feather and as strong as an ox, it’s the revolutionary Waterworks Force SL Series II reel. Some reels are bulky and weigh way too much, but that’s not how the Force SL works. By breaking its own record, the Force SL weighs even less and yet is still the world’s lightest machined reel. Even after four generations, it’s still a king among far inferior reels. As the staple of Waterworks-Lamson, it bears all the marks of a truly remarkable reel. From its super arbor which has the highest ratio of retrieve rate to reel weight to the sealed conical drag system, the Force SL delivers the reel experience. It also includes an integrated foot, frame, and cassette that all work together for more strength overall. It’s born and built in the USA, while boldly going where no reel has gone before. With the Hard Alox finish, the Force SL comes in three different color options: azure, flash, and thermal.

All in all, the Waterworks-Lamson 2020 lineup is bound to make a splash with all of its game-changing reels hitting the water later and very soon this year. From the cost-effective Lamson Liquid to the high-end Force SL Series II, there is a fly reel for just about everybody. To find the right reel that’s best for you, visit our website or give us call and we can help you find the reel for you!

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Speedster HD



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