What it takes to be an Umpqua Fly

Umpqua has been producing the highest quality flies—in fact, the company is only interested in bringing the best to market. So, how do we insure that our quality is actually the highest?

First and foremost—our fly selection is extremely extensive and extremely picky. Many of Umpqua’s flies are created by our Signature Royalty Tyers. We select the best flies that come from extremely talented and innovative tyers. The submissions are put through their paces—on and off the water. Read more about the process in our next article. Once a fly is selected by our Fly Selection Committee, we work closely with the tyer to make sure the design specs are exact. That way, our factories can (practically) perfectly produce their bug.

The next step in producing the best flies is using the highest quality materials. From the hooks, hackle, dubbing, to beads wire and thread—we make sure our materials are the best. Especially our natural materials. These go through inspection before arriving at our factories. The best ingredients often yield the best tasting recipes!

Once the design and materials are meticulously selected, we move on to the production stage of the fly. Our flies are hand tied in Thailand. We have quite the talented group of factory tyers, many of them have been tying with Umpqua for more than 15 years! To tie a new pattern, the factory tyers receive the specs of the fly, tie up a few samples and send them back to our HQ for the Fly Guy to inspect. Click here to learn more about submitting your flies. This series of samples and inspections go on as long as it takes to get the fly perfect and ready for production. The production flies are also seriously scrutinized for imperfections!

All of these steps insure that Umpqua stays the leader and producer of the highest quality flies on the market!

Don’t believe us? Check out this side-by-side look at an Umpqua Elk Hair Caddis fly and a competitor’s fly.

fly comparison.png

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