How to Tie a Bloom Caddis Fly: Video

The Bloom Caddis is a very deadly caddis pattern developed by Dave Bloom on the Missouri River. It is one of those patterns often overlooked by most people. While everyone else is using Elk Hair Caddis and Stimulators, the Bloom Caddis will often catch fish when others fail. The naturally mottled body and “spikey” dubbed thorax is the key to the flies success. Caddis often have mottled bodies and wings, and this is what the Bloom Caddis imitates. A great pattern to have in your caddis box, and easy to see too!!

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

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Fox’s Caddis Poopah – Fly Tying Video Instructions

Check out this killer pupa pattern tied by our friends at In The Riffle. It is a Caddis Poopah emerger that can be tied in two main colors – Brown and Olive. This pattern is best fished on a nymph rig setup with the Caddis Poopah as your lead fly. An emerger is a pupa that is changing in to the adult life stage of the fly. As it sheds its casing, the top of the emerger starts to show its body and wings. It rises up through the water column to the surface to complete its transformation to an adult caddis fly.


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