Learn how to tie the Purple Parawulff

Sometimes, a Parachute Adams is just not enough of a challenge to tie. Elevate your game with a Jack Dennis ParaWulff. Thread tension, length, and angle control are critical to the successful creation of this fly. I’ve substituted spooled Antron Yarn for the body instead of the traditional superfine dubbing. Untwist the yarn just enough to get maximum control of your body taper and flat, uniform wraps. For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most handsome and effective dry flies in your box. Not to leave well enough alone, we level-up this pattern with the hottest color in the game; purple. AND, if a purple body is not spicy enough, we tie up a chartreuse wing post to make sure we can see the bug a country mile away and make double sure no strike goes without a set. Purple flies. They’re hot. They work. They’re here to stay. You’ll have to ask the next trout you catch why they like purple as much as they do and you’ll get the chance to do so with a purple ParaWulff.

Ingredients & Recipe

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